Welcome to Kiss My Cooke Perth specialising in Mum and Bub Gift Packs. Sourcing high quality products to create gifts for Mum and Bubs. Great for mums, bubs, baby showers and first visits.

Gift Pack Goodies

Offering Roogenics Native teas with two delicious blends to choose from :

Roogenics Nursing tea to promote a health increase in mothers milk.

Roogenics Women’s Vitality with powerful adaptogens that help ease stress and balance mood.

Keep Bub’s bum “smooth as a baby’s bottom” with the addition of Weleda’s Nappy Change Cream.”

Each (Non-edible) “CupCake” is made up of one sock and one face wipe. 2 cupcakes = 1 pair of sock and 2 facewipes

Choose from Boy, Girl or Gender Neutral colours.

Socks and face wipes may vary from picture but will be within theme.